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The LTS Revenue Solutions team can offer assistance to your organisation in regard to revenue and recovery services. This includes consultation to help improve your systems and the approach to identify, manage and collect aged debt in areas such as business rates, council tax, housing benefit overpayments and sundry debts.

We also offer our service on a no win no fee basis allowing you the opportunity to collect any outstanding debt with no financial risk.


Services We Can Provide

  • Collection of council tax and business rates along with other aged debt
  • Consultation and training to help you develop your own expertise in the on-going collection and management of debt
  • Cleansing and updates to your existing systems to improve performance
  • Any calls or liability handled by LTS
  • Call debtors to make arrangements of attachment of earnings/benefits
  • Flag unrecoverable debt for write off

Why Choose Us?

  • No win no fee on collection of aged debt with no cost for any non recovered debt
  • Skilled and experienced staff with a proven track record of collection over 30% of arrears per annum
  • We work with you to reduce the cost to the public purse
  • No security risk with data never leaving your system
  • Collection of over £6.5 million during the financial year of 2012 / 13 including both business rate and council tax
  • We work in partnership with you to understand your work and customise our approach accordingly
  • Development of a longer term working partnership

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