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We are a transformational, efficiency & change management consultancy for public sector organisations. The partnership is the trading arm of Luton Excellence (LEx), Luton Council’s in-house improvement team, who lead the authority’s transformation and savings programme.

In just three years, LEx has delivered service re-modelling and genuine efficiency savings of £58.5 million right across the organisation, with minimal negative impact on the frontline.  Indeed, with LEx’s help, many teams have raised productivity and improved service delivery.

We have delivered substantial measurable benefits – including cost savings - in a wide range of operational areas:

  • Business and corporate support
  • Adult social care
  • Children’s services
  • Customer contact centres
  • Education
  • Environment & regeneration
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Revenue & benefits
  • Voluntary and community sector

Working closely with senior and middle managers, we have gained trust and enabled a major step-change in the organisation’s understanding of the need for rapid transformation, along with an appetite to deliver it.  At member level, we have secured strong cross-party support for transformation objectives.

Through a strong communications programme, we have ensured that all staff know and understand what is happening and why.  A high level of employee awareness and engagement was recognised by the Local Government Association in a peer review conducted in the summer of 2013.

We understand the public sector and the environment in which it operates.  Keeping the needs of your organisation - and its customers - in sharp focus, we can help you drive out waste and duplication, improve efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.  

We have the experience, drive and commercial skills to help deliver this and achieve positive outcomes.

Services We Can Provide

  • Programme and project management: professional, focused and effective
  • Financial management: robust, evidenced and prioritised budget planning with unplanned growth kept to a minimum
  • Change management: helping your organisation move positively through change, with staff fully engaged



  • Agile working: new technology, new ways of working and new behaviours that deliver efficient solutions
  • Channel shift: 24/7 services, cost effective and more accessible, supported by streamlined business processes


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