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The Luton Traded Services Dog Warden team deliver a wide range of services to customers within both the public and private sectors. Our staff have over 40 years experience and offer a professional and unique approach ensuring our services deliver excellent results and value for money.

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We have a number of years experience in delivering advice and support to other professional bodies such as local authorities and the police force.


We have also delivered a number of training programmes, courses and presentations on a vast range of subjects including safeguarding children, working with dangerous dogs
and responsible ownership.


Services We Can Provide

  •  Training to promote safe practices and protocols when working around dogs
  • Training in relation to safeguarding children regarding dangerous and abused dogs
  • We run courses in schools and colleges on a range of subjects including breed history and standards
  • Advice and training around dog nutrition
  • Transportation of dogs
  •  Identify, promote and advice on responsible dog ownership
  • Micro-chipping services to the public, dog clubs and other partners such as local authorities
  • Assisting and advising the police force in dealing with dangerous dogs
  • Dealing with stray dogs
  • Advice and training in relation to legislation around dogs


Why Choose Us?

  • Skilled and experienced team
  •  We deliver a wide range of services to an exceptional standard
  •  Foot-print for maintaining Gold Standard service for the last 5 years
  • Our award winning services (Kennel club and RSPCA)
  •  We have presented at the annual RSPCA Status Dog Summit


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Tel: 01582 546265


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