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Engagement with communities is of growing importance to all organisations. It offers the opportunity to connect and to provide real benefits for people. There are many ways in which you can encourage the whole community to work with you and our expert team will help you find the best means of doing so. We can then help you devise a plan and make it happen.

Community Involvement Services in Luton provide a wide variety of services to help you work with and within your communities. We can provide solutions that can help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to provide benefit for the community and

help build team morale. We have extensive experience in working with councils, private and third sector partners. We use a range of methods to achieve a strong sense of community spirit and involvement.

Services We Can Provide

  • Community Festivals
  • Quizdom (interactive ‘ask the audience’ voting)
  • Capacity build community groups to get projects off the ground
  • Development and delivery of ‘one-off’ community projects
  • Neighbourhood Governance  (encourages and assists communities to shape services and influence change in
  • their neighbourhoods) putting local people at the forefront



  • Participatory Budgeting decision day events – where people vote on which projects they would like funded to address local issues
  • Volunteering using a multi pronged approach we can build a programme that offers volunteers a placement that will meet their needs as well as your organisations by providing formal qualifications or specialist training

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